Miessence – World Leaders in Ethical Business

by Eliane Carbajal

Miessence – Why this Company is Outstanding


Miessence is a pioneer in the field of extremely pure personal care products. We are proud of being the first company worldwide to obtain certified organic status for skin, body, hair and superfood products.

The basic ingredients for Miessence products are grown, harvested and processed organically.

Our mission at Miessence is to be an outstanding enterprise of inspiration, conviction and integrity that is a force for change towards ethical and ecological business practices while making a positive difference in the lives of our Members, customers, employees and their families throughout the world.

The founders of Miessence are Alf Orpen,  Narelle Chenery and John Hunter, and the company came about when Alf and Narelle met and decided to create a truly pure range.

The Beginning of the Worlds First Extensive Range of Certified Organic Products

Miessence products were developed to heal, nourish and protect your health in the best way possible, so you feel and look healthy inside and out. The Miessence organic ingredients are all very high quality, are 100% natural and contain no chemicals whatsoever.

When you use Miessence you can be certain that every product will never contain anything harmful as Miessence products are the highest standard for Organic Products worldwide.

Miessence products are also certified organic to the highest Food grade standards(so pure you could literally eat them).

Miessence is certifed by the world’s most repected organic certifying organizations: Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and IFOAM (Europe).

The products are developed with a patented Cold formulation to protect the integrity of the ingredients with no heating. This keeps all the nutrients, vitamins and healing qualities of the ingredients intact.

The purity of Miessence Ingredients:

miessence organics

All Miessence products are 100% chemical free and made from fresh organic cold pressed ingredients.

Miessence products are 100% natural and safe to use even for sensitive skin types including babies(everything in there is pure and only included to increase your health).

100% of the ingredients in miessence products are Bio-Active(which means they all serve a helpful purpose) and contain vital nutrients, vitamins and healing properties that benefit your health.

100% beneficial ingredients

Miessence certified organic ingredients

Miessence products only contain certified organic cold-pressed oils, herb and flower extracts and essential oils.  Miessence products contain ACTIVE levels of botanical ingredients.

Cold Formulation

Only cold formulation offers superior quality active ingredients, unaltered by heat and synthetic emulsifiers. Only cold formulation provides your skin significant quantities of bio-available nutrients that literally feed your skin.  These precious certified organic plant oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, and essential oils are not subjected to any heat during formulation.

Made Fresh – Shipped Fresh

All products are shipped as soon as possible after manufacture, fresh from the factory.  This ensures their freshness and potency. It is recommended you use them within 18 months to get the full benefit of freshly pressed organic oils and extracts, though they will last longer than this.

In promoting product integrity, ONEgroup not only uses organic ingredients, but also meets organic food standards. It continues to support this high standard at a time where many other companies are using harmful  ingredients and toxins because their focus is money and not their customers health.

In Miessence’s entire range there’s no junk. Just unrivalled purity, potency and freshness.


Miessence Products 100% free from Animal Testing

Miessence contains no ingredients that have ever been tested on animals. Miessence don’t test any of their ingredients or products on animals, nor do their suppliers.

Furthermore Miessence do not condone, endorse or see any need to test on animals in this day and age.


Miessence Products are Cruelty Free

Miessence doesn’t carry the Animal Cruelty Free logo is because it is misleading to consumers. Any ingredient used in cosmetics, by law, must have been tested on animals at some point.

The logo indicates however that none of a company’s products or product ingredients have been tested on animals by the company, anyone on its behalf, by its suppliers or anyone on their behalf them within a period of five years immediately preceding the date of application for accreditation.

This is despite the fact that ALL chemicals have been tested on animals at some time in the past.

Miessence free from animal testing

Remember, miessence ingredients are all food-based ingredients, so animal testing is not something miessence need to do or ever will do.

Miessence have chosen not to carry this symbol as they do not use any cosmetic ingredients that have been tested on animals in the past or will ever be tested on animals in the future.

Apart from using extremely pure ingredients that don’t require animal testing, animal testing is unnecessary and cruel. 

Cruelty Free Products

Miessence are leaders in organics and ethical business and have many outstanding green initiatives:

Carbon Negative

Miessence Carbon Negative

Miessence are pleased to say their entire operation, including their overseas freight and director’s promotional activities are carbon-neutral. miessence have committed to this, whilst they work diligently to reduce miessence’s ecological footprint on the planet.

All our products are flown worldwide carbon negative and help the reforestation of our Planet

Miessence products are shipped all over the globe carbon neutral. Since 2006, we have engaged Greenfleet (www.GreenFleet.com), a non-profit, independent organization to calculate our freight emissions and in turn provide the service of planting trees on our behalf to offset our impact on the environment.

Science shows that 17 mixed native species of trees help create a forest. As they grow, the trees absorb greenhouse gases, as well as tackle soil salinity, improve water quality and provide habitat for native species.

Miessence is committed to the environment and goes a step beyond 100% carbon neutral by going carbon negative by offsetting a further 10% beyond calculated emissions.

Recyclable Packaging

miessence recyclable packaging

All Miessence brochures are printed on recycled paper and the packaging we use is recyclable.

Miessence also have absolutely no harmful waste released from their factory into their waterways via drains. All of their cardboard and paper is reused and recycled, both within their office, and after it leaves their factory.

All miessence promotional literature is also printed on recycled paper.


Packaging Integrity

Some people might ask why we are using plastic instead of glass for our products.

We have three very good reasons.

Following research by the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in the US, we discovered that compared to glass, plastics use less resources to produce and require less energy to effectively recycle.

Plastics are lighter, which means fewer carbon emissions in transportation.

Vacuum-pump plastic keeps our freshly made, 100% certified organic products in tip top condition. Miessence use no preservatives only 100% active ingredients that suffer accelerated oxidation when repeatedly exposed to air. Our product packaging ensures that every last drop of your product is 100% pure, 100% active and 100% fresh.

But not all plastics are created equal.

Miessence uses Polypropylene which is made from carbon and hydrogen and manufactured without any dangerous emissions. It can be recycled, incinerated or used in landfill without any harm to the environment.

Other plastics contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used in polycarbonated plastics and epoxy resins, has been linked to serious health disorders.

We are continually researching better and more environmentally friendly packaging systems and introducing them in our product lines.

Environmental Initiatives to Protect Our Planet

With every new membership, Miessence supports the David Suzuki Foundation to help further their work in environmental education and to help protect and preserve our Planet (www.DavidSuzuki.com)

Certified Organic

The Certified Organic seal on Miessence products is your guarantee of the authenticity and integrity of our claim that our products are 100% synthetic and chemical free, containing only quality, organic ingredients.

The Importance of Certified Organics

Miessence’s range of products stand in a class of their own by being independently certified to the hoighest international food grade standards by some of the world’s most respected and stringent organic certifying organizations, namely, Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and BFA (biological Farmers of Australia).

By carrying the seals of approval by the world’s leading independent certifying bodies, this is your global guarantee of the authenticity of Miessence’s claim of truly natural and organic products, which no other manufacturer has achieved.

Buying certified organic is your only guarantee that what you are buying has been grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs.

one group miessence

Making a Difference

Beyond our ethical products, business practices and income opportunity, another wonderful thing happens when you purchase and use Miessence products!

You enable the Miessence Foundation to directly impact many lives where help is most needed. 

Money goes directly to actual people and projects related to: generating incomes for those in poverty, nutrition for starving and health deficient communities, environmental projects with local work generated where both the environment and communities are struggling for survival and finally, where funded education provides life-changing opportunities for young and old, their families and community.

This is another aspect to the Miessence vision of a thriving world through our connection to one another.

Miessence is adding new projects all the time. Click here to see the latest project. 

No Chemicals, Toxins or Harmful Ingredients

Miessence has an unwavering commitment to the health and vitality of its customers and to the sustainability of our earth’s natural resources.

Most commercial products on the market contain harmful chemicals and toxins. In a time where cancer statistics are so high, it’s very important to avoid chemicals and to keep you and your family healthy and safe (and protect our environment)  by using pure certified organic products.

Chemicals in Skin Care Products

Harmful Effects Of Chemicals in Commercial Products

Our mission is to provide a haven for people who want to be part of a global transformation.

As a pioneer in holistic business we create 100% pure, potent organic products that nurture true beauty and vibrant health.

We aim to educate, inspire and empower our Customers & Independent Representatives by offering an exceptional business opportunity, fair & generous compensation, exciting leadership pathways and transformational education.

We invite people everywhere to be part of our vibrant, global community knowing that by doing so – the world will be changed.

Green Biz Check Gold Certified

Miessence green biz check gold certification

We are delighted to have our business practices audited by GreenBizCheck – and receive the World Leadership certification.Certification is verified and audited by Bureau Veritas – the world’s largest certification provider with over 44,000 staff and 400,000 corporate clients.

Besides being certified organic, Miessence products are also free from synthetic chemicals, GMO’s and animal testing. They are 100% natural and safe enough to use on a baby!

Organic and Natural Enterprise Group (or ONEgroup) is an Australian based company who creates and manufactures the world’s first complete range of certified organic skincare, haircare, personal care, health care and cosmetic products that are certified to food grade standards. Miessence is a world leader in developing safe and organic alternatives to foaming agents and preservatives, and has shown that it is possible to make truly organic products without sacrificing purity and safety on these ingredients.

miessence australia

Miessence engages in the following sustainable activities:

We consistently work to exceed regulatory and legislative requirements.

Miessence constantly looks for new ways to eliminate or minimize the effects of pollution on our world.

We utilize raw materials, water and energy in the most efficient ways.

We consistently work to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and distribution processes.

Miessence has implemented a waste minimization program involving recycling strategies and regularly monitors and audits our environmental performance with third-party certifiers such as GreenBizCheck.

We continually train company personnel to implement environmental management techniques effectively.

Miessence actively seeks out and employs certified Fair Trade suppliers from all over the world(to support poor communities and villages, to increase sustainability and to protect our Earths rainforests)

Miessence regularly educates customers and alliance partners to promote the principles of sustainability wherever possible so that everyone can collectively make a positive difference in their health and the future of the environment.

The Miessence Story

Narelle Chenery founder of Miessence(Narelle Chenery – Founder of Miessence Certified Organics)

Narelle Chenery, the creator of the Miessence products is the past, present and future of Miessence. What started as a hobby in her kitchen has become revolutionary in the cosmetic industry, specifically in the natural and organic segment. In 2001, her pioneering willingness to leap into uncharted territories alongside organic leader Alf Orpen resulted in the world’s first certified organic skin, hair and personal care.

Alf-Orpen Miessence Founder

(Alf Orpen – Founder of Miessence Certified Organics)

Where it all began

“While completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Management in 1992, a friend introduced me to a new natural skin care range on the market. The company prided itself on producing the best products from “science and nature.” Even though the products contained ingredients I could not pronounce, because they claimed to be from natural ingredients like coconut and palm, I just presumed they were natural and safe.

One day, soon after I began selling this “natural” skin care range to my friends and family, a cosmetic ingredient dictionary jumped out at me while I was browsing through a health food store. The dictionary told me of the dangerous properties of the ingredients in the products I was using. I was disillusioned, and quite annoyed! I felt that I had been deceived. Hence began my search for TRULY natural products.

My mother-in-law gave me some books on aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and how to make your own skin care out of natural ingredients. Surprisingly, even these books recommended the use of toxic preservatives (which I wasn’t going to touch). So I started experimenting with some skin creams and giving them away as gifts.

As I was researching how to prevent my natural concoctions from growing mold, I remembered a little bottle that I had taken on my trip to Thailand a few years before to kill bugs in the water. I tried this recipe with some other natural extracts I had been researching and they appeared to do the trick!

Eighteen months later, Alf Orpen (now a director of Miessence) approached me after a natural products expo and challenged me to create certified organic products. I had been eating organic food since my first pregnancy in 1994, and I believed wholeheartedly in the organic philosophy. I was up for the challenge!  After another eighteen months of research and development, the first products of the Miessence Certified Organic range were born.”

How do you pronounce Miessence

The correct pronunciation of Miessence is “MY-ESSENCE”

“The “Mi” actually came about as a “my”, but the spelling didn’t look right! The “essence” alluded to one’s true nature, from the dictionary. The basic, real, and invariable nature of a substance, containing its characteristic properties in concentrated form.”

What is the meaning behind the leaf?


The Miessence logo features a single Bodhi Leaf with several points of significance to our company.

The Asiatic fig is known as the Bodhi Tree, bodhi meaning being awake, enlightened or supreme knowledge. Miessence seeks enlightenment through product development and business practices that retain our organic standards, are consistent with environmentally sustainable principles and add value to our worldwide community.

The Bodhi leaf’s heart shape has symbolic parallels with love, truth and happiness.

The simplicity of a single leaf resonates with Miessence’s philosophy of organic, raw, cold formulated ingredients – a true legacy of the beautiful colors and fragrances nature has provided in the plant kingdom and the healing properties that are hidden within.

Importantly, the leaf compliments the message of Certified Organic.

Miessence products are sold direct to the consumer via our main website, in retail stores in Australia and New Zealand as well as some countries that have exclusive distributors. Miessence also operates a unique home business opportunity where members can earn income by making a positive difference to our Planet.

Miessence – The Best Sustainable Company to Work for:

Are you interested in learning about our proven, successful, ethical, Miessence organic home based opportunity, where you can share your passion and help positively impact other people’s lives through environmentally conscious miessence products?

It’s easy to make money when you are selling something as important as Miessence Organic Products. The reason for this is because when you are selling something you believe in, it goes much beyond just profit, because sustainability and health are very important. Working for a socially conscious business can let you make a great impact in your community and to our world.

When you combine a passion for organics and sustainability with a terrific business system its what makes Miessence such a unique opportunity.

Also when you join us, you don’t have to worry about shopfronts, branding and back room systems – it’s all done for you. We have a proven system that works – all you need to do is get out there and share your passion. It’s that simple.


We are a value-driven organization and would love to work with you if you are genuinely passionate about organic products and would love to earn an excellent income by making a difference and helping others.

You can become very successful with us if you are someone that truly cares about people; you want to keep people safe from harmful chemicals and you want to earn income by doing something you love.

Join our incredible team of heart centered entrepreneurs and together we will help you build a flourishing and profitable business by making a difference.

Join us today and become part of the lucrative and ethical $90 Billion dollar organic Industry that is rapidly growing as awareness of health, organics and nutrition become more prevelant.

Read more about our business opportunity here

Or watch our business opportunity video presentation here

If you have any questions on anything or would like to learn more about our certified organic range or ethical business opportunity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Contact me here

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