Miessence Testimonials

There are many testimonials about all aspects of our products and business, below are just a few of them. Please explore the categories below. To view and order our products please visit our sister site here, alternatively explore our organic home business opportunity here.


Testimonials about Eliane

The best things in life are free, and I truly value your uplifting words that awake my soul and push it to dance, thank you for being my friend:) thank you for making a difference, thank you for teaching and loving!  My heart beats to the drum of your souls footprints!  -Namaste Leslie Fun

Eliane you certainly have a beautiful way with words, I love everything you said and everything about you, happy to be connected with someone so with what it’s all about! Thanks you so much. – Brandon James  www.newlifetravel.tv

Meeting Eliane was one of the best things about Cusco!! It’s rare to find such a beautiful soul, and Eliane is one of the best. Caring, super friendly, always up for a conversation about the fate of the planet or the goodness of humanity (or else to show you where to find the best juice I’ve ever had!!) – I hope we’ll meet again somewhere Eliane! Keep shining your beautiful light! X   – Jem Bamford


Business Opportunity

“I have been involved in direct sales and network marketing for over 15 years. I was thrilled to find a company whose compensation structure is so uniquely designed that it rewards representatives at all levels of achievement, whether they be new to this industry or an accomplished veteran. This company has set in place so many firsts, not the least of which is their creation of the flexible ‘Multi-Channel Enterprise System’, incorporating principles of retailing, party plan, MLM and other sales models. It is and will continue to be an eminent vehicle for those wanting to take control of their financial future.” – Glen Martin Senior Executive

“Having a close affinity and love for nature and it’s beauty, as well as a passion for seeing people fulfil their highest potential, it was natural for me to choose ONE Group to work with. I am moved and inspired by the sincerity and vision of the company directors and am grateful for the quality of people that are joining ONE Group, who also share a enthusiasm for truth and health. Together, we are making a positive contribution in the world. The win/win Multi-Channel business model truly allows each person to serve and prosper in their own unique way.” – Alora Waldron  Senior Executive

I adore this company with absolute an passion! I have only been working (well having fun actually) with my new business and I’m already ahead of my goals. Because ONE Group is ahead of the wave with its innovative products and compensation plan, people are seeing the potential and wanting to help spread the message with great excitement. The Founders of the company have the highest integrity and the products are nothing short of brilliant. The creative reward system is quite different from the old paradigm of network marketing and allows almost anyone to move into a high income bracket within a realistic time frame. Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, make his or her fortune and have plenty of time to live life to the fullest. With ONE Group, not only can you do all that, but you can make an enormous difference to the Planet by educating and introducing people to a healthier way of life. I look forward to getting up each day as I have a fulfilling purpose in helping people to rid their lives of chemical rubbish, become healthier and earn money at the same time. Awesome!  – Wendy Bryan  Senior Executive
‘It took me 10 years in MLM before I finally found the right company for me. The level at which the company goes to to be environmentally and socially responsible exceeds any other network marketing company I have ever seen. I love the founders and I love their certified organic products. –  Luke Shavak

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Organic Cosmetics


“I recently bought a Miessence foundation and I’m just writing to say that I am absolutely thrilled with it. It arrived well packed in only two days and the product is fantastic. My skin usually breaks out at the mere smell of cosmetics, but this has been great and I can really feel the difference. I will definitely be buying more from you in the future.”

Sarah H, Samford, QLD

Jaffa Lip Balm

I have found that your jaffa lip balm is great for nail cuticle conditioning after manicuring. It gives a great shine. – Jenny W. Kelmscott, WA

I used to suffer so much from dry and cracked lips but since I bought your product, the Jaffa Lip Balm, I have never suffered again… keep the great work because the product rocks! – Jon B.

Lip Crème

Feels like a protective and moisturising lip balm that also gives me that ‘dressed feel’ of naturally colored lips. ‘Grape’ is just so gorgeous for blonde women. The creamy texture not only feels good for hours, it also provides a pleasant smell. Thanks for this great innovation. – Katja B, Devonport NZ

General Cosmetics

Thank you for making the best cosmetics in the world! They are simply stunning – an absolute joy to use. – Wendy B, Mt Eliza, VIC

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Customer Service

If company products are as good as your customer service, I am gonna love selling for this company! – Sue B Oregon, USA


Hi there, I have just received my first order; I ordered on Wednesday, received on Friday, the website was very easy to navigate and to order from, and best of all, your products smell and feel as beautiful as I’m sure they will make me feel. I am looking forward to slathering myself all over with them! Thanks very much for such prompt service! – Suse F. Alexandria, NSW

I just want to say a very big thank you. Yesterday I placed an order with you, with a special request for prompt despatch, and now it has arrived in perfect order: a mere 24 Hours later!! You are a fabulous team of people. What a dream company to do business with. – Holly B. Newcastle, NSW


My bathroom is now virtually devoid of harsh chemical and toxic ingredients! – Michelle M, Box Hill, VIC

Firstly the packaging is lovely. So much better to the eye and really softly appealing. So far I have used the cleanser, hydrator and moisturizer as well as the neck and eye serum. They are simply beautiful to apply and the feel of my skin has changed in a few days. Today I used the hair care products so will give it a few days but the feel was definitely different! The foundation just applies like silk and I am in love with it after 2 days. I know this sounds a bit over the top but I am really thrilled with the quality and am definitely hooked. It makes us both (Sharon has the cleanser and foundation too) feel enormously happy in developing the organic baskets and filling them with Miessence product. – June & Sharon

I do not have enough words to express how wonderful the products are!!! … I have fallen in love with them! They are wonderful and everyone is very happy using them. It’s like using nature from a container on my skin. – Adalheidur H. Iceland

I have been enjoying the Miessence products for over a year and it has taken that long for my 21 year-old daughter to come around to the natural fragrances after using cheap, heavily perfumed, synthetic skin care brands. She is now totally converted following the disappearance of a constant patch of acne next to her mouth within weeks of using the Balancing range in conjunction with the exfoliant (in the shower) and daily In-Liven. All of her university student friends and workmates are commenting on how beautiful her skin looks and are keen to try the products. Thank you, ONE Group! – Pauline P. Redhead, NSW

I have been looking for a truly organic product for quite some time now, and had despaired of ever finding anything, even when visiting the health food shops. I received my first lot of products with great enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to get them home!! I have only been using the products for 4 days now and I am over the moon! A huge thumbs up, especially to the B5 Hair Repair! My hair feels fantastic and smells wonderful. The Balancing Facial cleanser smells delicious and my skin feels fantastic after I have used it! I have bought the Rejuvenating triple pack for my Mum for Christmas, I know she will love it!! To all of you unsure about the deodorants, the Tahitian Breeze keeps me odour free all day (I live in the Tropics) and it smells divine! I look forward to representing Miessence with great pride and excitement. – Leanne P Jabiru, NT Australia

I have been using Miessence products for the last 3 years and absolutely love them. I use the SOOTHE skin care range & have found that it really brings a natural glow and softness to my face. The toothpaste and deodorant are GREAT and after using these products and knowing they are healthy for my whole body I could never go back to conventional products. I try and spread the CERTIFIED ORGANIC word as much as possible because in this day and age I can’t see any other way to live…..that is on a holistic level…..within our minds, body and spirit, trust me your body will thank you for it!!!!! – Sam – Camp Eden Health Retreat

I have purchased and love your products … your wonderful products have helped my skin which has severe psoriasis – thanks again for the great products. – Vivien S. Renown Park, South Australia

I just LOVE your products! I’m spreading the word big time. And with a little daughter who just loves make-up I can be responsible and feel educated! Thank you so much for the insights into the harmful chemicals hidden in my “glamorous” products. Thank you. – Liz White

I just wanted to give a testimony regarding Miessence products and eczema. I have had extremely bad eczema on the palms of both hands since December. I have tried all kinds of over-the- counter creams plus prescription/steroid creams from my doctor. Nothing worked. I started putting the Jaffa lip balm on my hands, with several applications a day. I could feel a big difference in just 2-3 days. Then I decided to order the Intensive Body Cream, the Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist, and the MiVitality probiotic. After just 2 days it was a huge difference, it is now two weeks since I started, and my hands are almost completely healed. I have no itching, no cracking, no peeling and I can now get my rings on my fingers. Before, my fingers were so swollen I couldn’t get my rings on or even make a fist! I can actually sleep all night now with no itching, before I had severe sleep deprivation because of the extreme itching at night. So, I just wanted everyone to know what worked for me and surely it would work for someone else! Thanks! – Kindra P. Leon, Ks. USA

I love the products, they are fantastic, especially on my acne prone skin… after years & years of trying to find a product that actually works, I finally have! – Tracey W. Beechboro, WA

It may be interesting for you to know that, as a retailer, our sales have increased considerably since the new product packaging. As a result of this, we’ve decided to drop the ***** range from our store and focus on the Miessence range, including the cosmetics which we’ve just started to build up. – Tim, The Organic Trading Company Sydney, NSW

My order arrived Monday. Only 5 days after it was shipped, that was amazing! You ship faster than companies I have ordered from that are located in the US. I love the products. They provide excellent coverage, smell great and look wonderful on my skin. I am so glad to have located your products. I was beginning to lose hope that the organic industry had abandoned cosmetics. You have a loyal customer for life! Thank you. – Kimberly D. Oregon City, OR, USA

Our oldest client using the products is 82 in August and she loves the stuff … anyhow, she has been getting comments from her friends saying how nice her skin is. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all the great work you do. – Heaven Earth Healing Currumbin, QLD

Thank you so much for creating the Miessence range! I used to work as a flight attendant – and have tried almost every brand of skincare on the market. I began using the Miessence Rejuvenating range just last week. This is only the second time in my life that I have noticed that a skincare range has actually made a visible difference to the appearance of my skin – and the first time was when I actually began using skincare other than soap and water (about 16 years ago!)My skin is healthy and glowing – I don’t even ‘need’ to wear ‘makeup’ anymore to avoid looking washed out (but I do use Miessence cosmetics). My husband has noticed how good my skin looks! The shampoos and conditioners are heavenly! My hair is healthy, soft and shiny. The best thing about all of this is that I know the products I am using are healthy for both me and the planet! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. – Suzana D-G Sunbury, VIC

The packaging is very nice and my products arrived in excellent condition. I love all the protective caps that kept everything in place without any leakage. My new favourite product is the Garnet Exfoliant. I love the smell and it is the best exfoliant I have ever used. I even used it on my knees and feet to buff the rough skin off. The Balancing Mineral Mask smells great too. The Purifying Blemish Gel is really helping with my break out as well as the mask. I have been using the products now for four days and the dark circles under my eyes are much less than before… I really like the Mineral foundation powder. My three children have become fans of the Jaffa Lip Balm and want me to order one for each of them. They think it tastes great and is really helping with winter- chapped lips. The lip color feels great on although I am finding I need to apply it frequently to keep the color on. The body cream is nice too…I am excited to finally find a totally clean line of products to use and promote! – Jackie S. Springfield, Missouri

We are acquainted with Hans Schindler, a specialist for the diagnostic device ETAScan -a computer aided system that allows non-invasive diagnosis of patients. It scans the life energy level of each organ and compares it with its integrated database. It is a quite revolutionary method and completely harmless contrary to methods like x-ray or ultrasonic. With this device, it is also possible to test products, in order to determine the value and efficacy of a medicament/product for a specific patient or in general. Some products show almost no uplift, others do. We asked Hans to test some Miessence products; the result was an average uplift of 28%! So imagine: You can improve your life energy by 28% just by showering, washing your hair or brushing your teeth with Miessence products – that’s gorgeous. We feel that you should know about this. If you wish to have more information about ETAScan, there is a website http://www.cor.co.at/ETAScan-main.htm (currently only in German). – Peter G. Germany

We used your products for the first time last night, and now I am even more excited. This morning, I awoke for the first time with clarity and energy. My suspicions that I was poisoning my body with the chemicals in my toiletries could be very true. So thank you, all for coming up with such a necessary product. All the best – Angela T. Gordon, NSW

When I first started using the products, I had a low-level eczema on my arms. At first, I only had the facial moisturiser, so I tried that on the patches, and it really reduced them to a point where they are hardly noticeable. My second order included the Intensive Body Cream, which is heavenly, and that took it down another notch. My instincts tell me that the last step here will be dietary, and I am hoping that the In Liven will help with that…will keep you posted.

Last week my daughter came up with some sort of eczema-type rash on her face that was inflamed, flaking, incredibly painful and spreading fast. She lives with father, so my first suggestion was to rewash and double rinse all items that come in contact with her face to see if that helped until I could see her myself. That did nothing to help. So I brought her some of the Body Cream – and within 3 days the rash was totally cleared! She already had the full line of the Purifying Cleanser, Conditioner, and Moisturiser, and loves it. My Boyfriends’ teenage daughter also has the Purifying set and says that it far surpasses anything she’s used for her face. Given that both girls usually roll their eyes when I try to introduce anything ‘healthy’ to them, this is a really huge compliment from them!!!!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have my hands in lotions and oils for many hours each week. In my search for thebest lotions to use in my massage, I discovered One Group and these incredible products. The Intensive Body Cream should be used by ALL massage therapists who use creams in their treatments – it applies evenly, absorbs well, but also leaves more glide than most lotions I have used in the past. For personal use, one application a day is all that is needed to attain and maintain smooth, healthy skin.

One last comment on the toothpaste, I absolutely LOVE the Mint toothpaste. My mouth has never felt cleaner after brushing, and it stays feeling cleaner longer. Also, that horrid aftertaste from brushing (that keeps you from eating or drinking anything) is not there – just a clean, pleasant taste.

Thank You Narelle, Alf, and John, for all the hard work you have done to develop these products and make them available to us and for proving to all the naysayer’s that such a product was impossible to formulate. – Pamela M, LMT A Better Choice Enterprises Kingston, NY, USA

Yesterday, we received our first order of ONE Group products! First off, I was impressed because it took only 7 days to arrive from the day I ordered them! The products are packaged more elegantly in person than they show on the web site. I tried the mouth wash first and realized this is different! I then noticed that the bottle says to add to water. It is strong but does a good job of freshening the breath. I noticed that it worked for a considerable amount of time. I tried the toothpaste (mint) later in the day and found it to leave my teeth smooth and clean. There is a definite aftertaste of bicarbonate of soda and mint but nothing unpleasant. It was while using the Sunflower Body Wash that it hit me, these products are not for just cleaning and refreshing but they are actually feeding the skin! The ‘star of the show’ has to be the Intensive Body Cream! It absorbs rapidly into the skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It left our skin smooth and soft for hours. It has a mild fragrance that we found different from the other more strongly scented lotions we have tried. After trying all four items we ordered, I was very favorably impressed. Thank you ONE Group for creating such exceptional products! – Alan M. Washington USA

My family have enjoyed using the ONE Group’s products – In-Liven, Miessence, MiEnviron – for 8 months, some of the apparent benefits are:

‘In-Liven’ probiotic :  Allergy– daughter’s allergy to cheese is gone! No more stomach cramp or upset when eating the occasional pizza or cheese on toast. Constipation — her bowel motion is now DAILY, instead of every second day. We have tried virtually every supplement we know, for the last 5 years to solve these two health challenges (cheese-allergy & constipation), with no results. They are gone for good ! She is happy, alert & full of beans !

Hair-care:  Wife’s and daughter’s natural hair colour has come back. The natural colour has been missing for years, masked by previous layers of synthetic ingredients in other shampoos & conditioners.

Skin-care:  Wife’s face has much less blemishes, almost gone! Henry’s left nose once experienced some swelling , and within 12 hours of using ‘Blemish Gel’, the red swell disappeared. Wow !

Deodorants: Wife’s ‘sweaty’ smell on shirts is gone. She loves it ! The three bottles, ancient-spice, tahitian-breeze & aroma-free, have lasted more than 6 months. Looks like they will last a few more months.

Oral-care: Henry’s teeth are whiter using the toothpaste, & the mouthwash, which has lasted 8 months – just 2- 3 drops to mix with water for rinsing. Will last a few more months!

Air-freshener: For the first time in 15 years, we dare to use a spray (chemical-free) in our house, mainly kitchen & toilet. It smells like visiting a forest park or garden, instead of a perfume/chemical factory.

Shower-box – the floor is much cleaner, not grimy with chemical residue. Thank you ONE Group ! – Henry Y. Wellington, NZ

Our skin is very soft now and is slowly clearing up with the Balancing system. We’ve had a lot of pollution exposure having lived in a city for 8 years and it shows on the skin. Little bumps and impurities are either getting smaller or vanishing. We love the foundation, powders and Shimmer Blush. It looks very natural and lasts longer than other cosmetics. I’m also in love with the Rainforest scent of the Air Freshener. AMAZING!!! Thank you! – Sharon H. BC, Canada

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Hair Care

I want to let you know how ABSOLUTELY RAPT I am with ALL your hair care products, I have used them all, I am a Hairstylist and I am about to open my own salon and I am SOOO looking forward to being able to recommend them to clients…I will be keeping your shampoos & conditioners at my shampoo basins in the salon…It’s great to actually feel the difference in my hair, IT FEELS LIKE HAIR SHOULD FEEL!! Thank you. – Tracey Brisbane, QLD

Hair Gel

Miessence Hair Gel works just like the other gels but has NO chemicals. It’s better than the others. I like the smell of it. 10/10 from the Gel Guru. – Jaeden H. Age 14 Currumbin, QLD

Hair Repair

Just wanted to let you know that your Protect B5 Hair Repair works an absolute treat on sunburn! I tried it on the weekend after getting quite badly sunburnt on the arms. All the redness was gone by the next morning which is extremely unusual for my fair skin. – Alex P. Richmond, NSW

Whilst moving house recently my sensitive skin literally cracked up on the tops of my hands from all the tank water usage and rubbing and scrubbing. In sheer desperation before bed, when all was still packed in boxes, my son produced his Protect Hair Repair and reminded me how its first listed ingredient was aloe vera…”Try this” he said. I sprayed it on and was amazed at the relief I felt in just 10 minutes. I repeated the spray next day and my hands were healing miraculously! Just last week my 5yr old was biting over his bottom lip – causing a rash…tempted yet again I painted a little Hair Repair on 2 consecutive nights as he went to bed …voila…gone! Thankyou ONE Group for products safe enough to be edible and therefore use in varying applications!!! – Vanessa M. Tyers, Victoria, Australia

…since using the B5 Hair Repair I am sure that it has had something to do with repelling nits at school. I put it on every morning for past 2 months and found one dead nit whilst there have been several outbreaks at school. – Jenny W. Kelmscott, Western Australia.


I started using a most popular shampoo and conditioner about three years ago. To my horror my hair started going flat, scraggly and started thinning out! In doing some research and speaking to Narelle, I found out that the wonder product I had been using was Silicone!! If I was to ever have a healthy head of hair back, I would have to bite the bullet and go through the terrible withdrawals that accompany the use of such shelf products. I went on Miessence Shampoo and Conditioner. For a month, my hair felt like ‘steel wool’, I was devastated. However I knew I had to keep the faith. Well, I am three month down the line and my ‘angel hair’ is BACK! – Divianna B, Mt Tamborine QLD, Australia

My hair looks and feels a lot softer and is beginning to thicken up. – Caroline T, Kew, VIC

My hair seems to feel thicker. No more itching scalp. – Sophia M, Newrybar, NSW

My hair looks, feels and smells great (like it used to when we were kids!) and the products are so pure and natural. – Marita V, Bulli, NSW

I noticed a difference from the first time I used it. My hair is softer, less dry and I don’t get the frizzies as I one did. – Bernard M. Southport, QLD

After trying your products, I was very happy with the results. Miessence products are truly of the best quality and are EFFECTIVE. I bought the shampoo and conditioner, and after just the first wash my hair was literally smoother and healthier looking. And the Jaffa lip balm, it wasn’t thick or oily, and it has a pleasant taste that wasn’t overpowering. Now it’s my favourite lip balm! I’m looking forward to trying other Miessence products. – Elizabeth L. Granville, NSW.

I absolutely love these products! The customer service is outstanding and I am very excited about getting my business started. I’ve used the Tahitian Breeze deodorant, mint toothpaste, Desert Flower Shampoo, Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner and the Protect B5 Hair Repair. I was a little sceptical about the shampoo after reading the testimonial from the person who stated that it made her hair ‘knotty’; I’m a black woman and that was the last thing I wanted even for a short period of time. I use Relaxers to smooth out my hair and so ‘knotty’ hair made me cringe. However, these products have made my hair feel softer, given it a beautiful sheen and totally stopped the shedding that I was experiencing from the relaxer and other hair chemicals and the dry climate in Las Vegas. Not to mention the fact that I further dry my hair out by swimming frequently. Commercial hair products recommended by my hair stylist only did a fair job in resolving some of my hair problems, but your products have totally resolved the problems. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with this company! – Annette A Las Vegas, NV.

I recently started using Miessence. I have always had bad skin, but in the last couple of months my skin has been great. I don’t wear makeup any more except to work. I love the Balancing range, shampoo and conditioner and the deodorant. I recently started swimming on a daily basis. In the past this would have been a problem with the chlorine in the water, however my hair has never been so shiny and healthy… and the showers smell great after using the Lemon Myrtle shampoo. Thanks. – Ann-Marie H Cobram, VIC.

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Men’s skin care

I have tried the Shaving Gel and the After Shave Balm and I really like these two products! I was positively surprised by the fact that I only have to use a little Shaving Gel to make the hairs on my face soft enough to shave it away with ease. Normally when using a Shaving Foam, I have to use quite a lot of Foam, but since this is a kind of Gel instead, I don’t have to use much. So I think that I can use that product for a long time before it runs out. The After Shave Balm is also very nice, both have sort of an ‘organic’ smell, but that doesn’t bother me. The Liquid Hand Soap is also a fine product. – Erik J, Denmark.


Buzz Free

We have also tried the ‘buzz free’ – I cannot thank you enough for this product!!! My little boy has been a mozzie magnet for most of his 8 years and I really wasn’t happy about putting a toxic cocktail onto his skin to repel them, but I didn’t have much choice. We went to a Christmas picnic a couple of weeks ago, and I tried the buzz free. I wasn’t sure that it would work – he has at times been covered in dozens of mosquito bites, so he really needed something powerful. After an afternoon playing outdoors with buzz free on, NOT ONE mozzie bite! Amazing!!! My husband works as a naturopath – and his health store has become my first ‘customer’. This week we have had 3 customers come in to tell us that the shampoo and conditioners have done wonders for their extremely dry hair. They had tried so many other products, but did not have results nearly as good as those they have experienced with Miessence products – and they’ve learned a lot about why Miessence products are a much better option. It’s so rewarding for us to receive such wonderful feedback from customers. – Suzana D. Sunbury, VIC

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MiVitality Inliven

Naturopaths have long been aware of the importance of gut integrity to the health of the body. I have had the opportunity to compare In-Liven Probiotic powder to other brands in the marketplace and found it to be of superior potency, with bowel and general health improvements within days of clients commencing this product. Most have already tried the long list of over-the- counter probiotics with variable results. I have now started recommending In-Liven for general health maintenance. – Dr Karen C. MD, Gold Coast, QLD

A big thank you for your product In-Liven. We bought our first two bottles today from a Representative who raved about the product. My wife had been gardening today and felt quite sore in her hands and joints and wanted to taken some pain killers. After her first try of only half a teaspoon of In-Liven, within 20 minutes the pain from her hands and joints had gone and she feels so much better from the fatigue of the day – she has not taken the pain killers. She then asked for another half teaspoon – she said she just feels the natural soreness in her shoulders from a hard days work. As a result we are both excited about the amazing effects of In-Liven, and have joined as representatives. We look forward to helping many people with your fantastic product. – Barry & Suzette C. Whale Beach, NSW

A few days ago, after hearing Czerral on the conference call, we started using In-Liven. I tossed a little (less than a quarter teaspoon) into Storm’s (almost 13, 110lb Japanese Akita) bowl. Surprisingly, she loves the stuff! At over 12.5 years, she’s been showing signs of decline with her hips – her legs were almost in a squat position when she stood to eat her meals. For the next 3 days, her legs were in almost normal standing position when she ate… and more importantly, her tail was curling more frequently than it has been for months! And while she still continues to enjoy her daily walk, she seems to be more energetic and adventurous, wandering off the beaten path. Her eyes are also brighter than they have been for a while. I’m really curious if anyone else is having this small miracle occurring elsewhere?! I know I feel more alert since I started the In-Liven – but you can chalk that up to plain ol’ psychology, placebo effect. However, with a dog, I don’t think the placebo reasoning flies! -Suzanne C. and Ryan B. Surrey, BC, Canada.

Absolutely congratulate you on a fantastic product In-Liven, I conducted my own test by taking for a few days then stopped for few days and repeated this a few times until I was totally convinced this product was giving me energy and vitality, and oomph to my system thank you for my improved sense of wellbeing. I have now returned to work after two months of illness thanks to In- Liven. – Margaret Mc. Helensvale, QLD

Dear ONE Group, Thank you! We have been having In-Liven everyday for two months whilst seeing a world-renowned iridologist/naturopath in Sydney. (Iridologists are able to establish the state of health of all the different organs in the body from the patterns in the eyes.) On the recommendation of Czerral, the formulator of In-Liven, we undertook a cleanse by taking 1 teaspoon of In-Liven 3 times a day for a 15 day period after which we reverted back to the recommended amount of 1 teaspoon a day. On our next visit to the iridologist/naturopath, he was astounded at the change in our eyes, especially relating to the part of our eyes that represent the bowel and lymphatic system. He told us he had never seen such dramatic changes in such a short period of time and said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it because it’s working!” Thank you for providing such amazing products to assist our health and vitality. – Brad H and Jemma W Rushcutters Bay, NSW

I always used to get a cold with fever every couple of months all my life – at least through the winter. I now have gone a full 12 months with not a single cold…. which coincides with the date I started taking In-Liven! Interesting! And, I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 15 years ago. Don’t seem to have the same problems there either now!… Interesting! Tastes good too! – Maree Mc. Highfields, NSW.

I bought my dad some In-Liven, he has been sick for quite awhile. I did not see him for 2 weeks and when I did see him, his face colour had totally changed. Instead of grey, it was plump and pink. Even one of his 75 year old cronies told him he was looking great. Men never notice this stuff, amazing…. – Clare B. Pyrmont, NSW.

I have just started using your In-Liven and face and body products after obtaining your brochure… I have found the In-Liven marvellous for my digestive problems – much less bloating and tolerating foods that I have avoided for years (especially dairy). The Intensive Body Cream has cleared up my eczema on my arms and legs in a matter of days. – Sheila B. Girrawheen WA.

I have suffered for many years from auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, degenerative heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and a few others. I was a walking pharmacy… I was the world’s greatest cynic as a result of incompetent doctors and being shuffled from one doctor to another with very little success. I have been on In-Liven for about 2 months and even though I still have the diseases, I feel so much better and therefore able to cope with the world’s little downsides. At first the taste was pretty awful but now my palate has become used to the taste I even look forward to taking it. Energy level much higher and general outlook on life much improved. Many thanks… – Lesley

I have to say that In-Liven is the best probiotic I have ever taken. The improvement in my assimilation and elimination has been a quantum leap. I bit my finger nails as a child and have always had nails that split and broke when they got to a certain length. More recently I had begun to think that it was having my hands in water a lot, you know cleaning etc. But since starting the In-Liven two months ago my nails are now lovely and long, the whites of my nails are much whiter, they are now peeking successfully over the top of my fingers and look beautiful with a French pink nail polish and guess what they don’t seem to be bothered by being in water as much. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have been looking for a long time to find a single supplement to simplify my nutritional supplementation and this comes very close. – Laura B. Hughesdale, VIC

I just wanted to congratulate you on the In-Liven CD that was sent out with all the August orders. I ordered and had delivered direct, some skin care products to a friend in Hobart, and she received the CD in the parcel. Before I had even had a chance to listen to it myself, she had listened to it, and was most impressed, and felt it was a “must take” item, and came back immediately with an order for a bottle. – Doralle B. Springwood QLD

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your wonderful products. One of my 10 year old twin son’s has had a slightly abnormal pH stomach since birth so he has suffered with plaque on his teeth and his tongue all these years. After giving him just half a teaspoon of In-Liven mixed in water at bed time for just two nights, he didn’t even need to use his tongue cleaner! I have tried many things in the past without any success. We know that we have finally found the solution and will be sticking to it!! Once again thank you. – Mihir P. Leicester, England

I want to tell you how much your product In-Liven has helped me. I was born with tonsillitis and was given penicillin immediately and for the next two years until my tonsils were removed. When I was seven I began having bladder and kidney infections that lasted on and off until I was 25 years old. During those 18 years I was on antibiotics as if they were a food group, especially macrodantin, the drug of choice for UTI’s. My childhood and teenage diet was one of white bread, bologna, peanut butter, ‘oreo’ cookies, ‘velveeta’ cheese and Hawaiian punch. Of course, I was chronically constipated which felt to me normal. When I was 22 years old I became interested in health and nutrition and radically changed my diet to less meat, whole grains and whole foods. I was still constipated, having bowel movements that were small, and hard and constantly struggled with that factor in my life. Over the past 33 years I have tried nearly every kind of lactobacillus/bifidus product that has been produced. At one point in my life I was a nutrition consultant and had access to many products, and had schooled myself in terms of eating a lot of raw food. All of the acidophilus products actually made me more constipated. Extra fiber in the form of powders or pills created intense abdominal pain. Colonics were helpful as long as they were continued, but under my own power things did not seem to want to change. At last I found your product through a friend. My life has changed dramatically. I now have easy bowel movements every day – at least two or three which is exactly right. Finally I feel like I’m going to be able to get well. It is a joy to be able to feel a bowel movement coming on and actually know that it will not be a struggle that it will be a pleasurable experience as it was meant to be. Thank you for creating this product. I have more energy and I know that I have some insurance as the winter flu season is coming on. I take it with me wherever I go and would not be without it. – Suzanne, Eugene, Oregon USA

In the New Year, we decided to start taking In-Liven once, every morning… Joe was diagnosed with Leukaemia 3 years ago and needs blood tests every 6 months… In June, Joe had his blood test and when we went in to hear the results the Dr said there had been a remarkable increase in his T-Cell Count. He said “what have you been doing differently?” We looked at each other, then realised, it must be the In-Liven. The Doctor told us “well, whatever it is, keep doing it. This is the kind of result every AIDS patient around the world looks for, an increase in their T-Cells.”So after that we have taken it without fail, apart from this last week when we have run out! Cheers for a great product… – Leonie B. Cornubia, QLD

Thank you for making such a wonderful product and for truly caring about our children and our environment. You deserve every success in this venture and I am going to try very hard to meet you at an executive conference soon. What a lovely congruent company! PS I have photo testimonials of a child who has had amazing success with In-Liven! He is 2 years old and his face has always been so red, but after a day on the product it cleared up!!! He is looking great. His mother now wants to sign and sell our products. Warm wishes – Melanie T.

Your probiotic is one of the best on the market – it not only works but also is “patient/user” friendly. I have been working with ‘guts’ for over 30 years and I recommend your product to any and every Practitioner I know. Your company’s service, customer service, and attention in general are excellent. Again, one of the best I have experienced for all round excellence and quality. Thank you. – D. A. Wood – Immunologist Southport, QLD.

In August 2005 my dad had a partial bowel removal because of cancer and was fitted with a temporary colostomy bag. Once dad came home from hospital I started him on one teaspoon of In-liven per day and his appetite improved within a week. When dad went for a checkup to see how his bowel was healing they found it had healed up very well and no abnormalities were found. We were told by the doctors that dad would have the colostomy bag in anywhere between 3-6 months and it was a miracle that after 2 months and 2 weeks his colostomy bag was removed. My daughter has had stomache-aches her whole life and is now almost 14. After the first day of taking In-Liven her stomache-ache was less and after the second day it was completely gone. One day when we were busy outside the home from early morning till late night and she didn’t take the In-Liven and her stomache-ache was back the next morning. I don’t think either of us will forget again! – Sharon H. BC, Canada

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ONE Group

Your company is heading in the right direction, more and more people are realising we must look to the natural world to solve our problems as man made solutions often create more problems than they solve. Wishing you continued success in the future direction of your company. – Sue E, Warrnambool, VIC

A quote from a Representative after a training day with Alf & Alora in Perth….Well, I thought I was excited before but I’m more so now. I KNOW that this is the right place for me to be. I said to Pete that if I won lotto tomorrow, I would still be doing this business! – Lea W. Western Australia

Feedback regarding the 2nd Executive Council Conference 22-23rd May 2005… WOW what a weekend, WHAT a company, we are so proud to know you and we thankyou for being so supportive!!!! Not to mention magnificent products… bring it on!!! Here’s to a huge future and safer choice for the planet…god bless you! – Kym O’C Gold Coast

I can’t thank ONE Group enough for ending my 3 year search for truly organic products. Not only do I love the integrity of the range and the Company, but I love knowing I am doing something really good for myself, my family, and our planet. On top of that, the products work! I also can’t thank you enough for the In-Liven powder and the informative and interesting CD. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for several years now and was ready to give up hope of ever leading a ‘normal’ life again. Within a week of taking In-Liven I feel like I’m walking on air! Thank you SO much for giving me my life back. I can’t stress enough how much I believe everyone in the world should take this stuff – my whole family takes it because there’s something in it for everyone! – Tracey P. East Maitland, NSW

I have recently heard about and started using Miessence products and am very impressed. I had always been under the false assumption that, without chemicals, a fairly active person, like myself (I am a 19 year old male), couldn’t get 100% clean. I have been very pleasantly surprised… Thank you for this service and I must compliment you on your business. The products are excellent; showering has turned into a pleasurable experience. Also, the website is very user friendly and I appreciate being able to order online as I am still finding it hard to find a store which stocks your entire collection. Keep up the great work. – Andrew P. Wantirna, VIC

I’m a very new customer … I love the products. I used to use make-up only occasionally because I didn’t want to poison my body too often but now, with your products, I am enjoying make-up days regularly. I really appreciate that there is a company like yours which is truly healthy. Most ‘so called’ healthy products in my area still have parabens and other ingredients I’m unfamiliar with. In fact I recently (before I discovered your company) called a company called *****, a supposedly health conscious company, to ask if they had a facial scrub product which didn’t contain parabens. They said they did and I bought some only to find propyl paraben as an ingredient. So thank you for your products. – Caroline J Dix Hills, NY

Hello, OneGroup! I’m so happy to be on board as a Representative (since March 10)! This is such a wonderful company to be a part of, and I’m working hard and fast to get my business off the ground. I really appreciate all the support I’ve received from my upline, Ron. He’s really great to work with! I love the multi-channel enterprise approach. It means I can build a business tailored to my personality – that’s amazing! To the best of my ability, I’ll let you know my first impressions of the products I’ve received. The blemish gel definitely works. I don’t think there’s any debate there! Ilove the skin conditioner. The idea of applying vitamins to my skin instead of toxins is so obviously appealing! The moisturizer does just what it should. The serum especially impresses me. I see a difference from the whole skin regime in just a few days. My skin has more glow and looks less tired. The Desert Flower shampoo will take some getting used too. Getting it from your hand to your head without spilling any is a little tricky because it is so watery. I love having something so light for my husband and children, though. The hair gel is great! It does just what it claims. The body wash was very nice – great smell! The body cream is very moisturizing. Being a mother who washes her hands a lot, I wish that there were a more heavy hand cream for day use, something not oily… I’m thrilled with the foundation powder! I was desperate to find something to replace the “x brand” concoction I was using. The lip crème is excellent as well. I really noticed that I didn’t get the icky, dry taste in my mouth that I always get from lipstick. I’m disappointed to find it in a compact, though, which makes it more difficult to use. Great colours, by the way! The blush powder I find difficult to use because of being a loose powder. But, wow, a really natural glow is delivered!  Overall, I definitely love the make-up. I was expecting the In-Liven to taste really horrific, but it actually was quite a mild ‘green’ sort of taste. I’m impressed with that! The Buzz Free spray and air freshener both smelled quite fresh and clean. All said and done, let me just take the time to thank you. The health food stores were a real dead end for me in my quest to find quality, healthy personal care alternatives. You are the light at the end of my tunnel and I appreciate your hard work very much. I love my family and it makes me very happy to know that I can now offer them products that nurture instead of harm them. – Bonny B. Slave Lake, Canada

Just wanted to say, I’m sooo excited about the future of ONE Group. You guys have created the best company in the world and I’m proud to be a part of it! – Michaele H. Fitzroy, VIC

Thank you so much for being a light to the world. I know you’ve worked so very hard to make great changes for the wholeness of humanity. Keep up the great job. I believe in you! Have a Healthy Day. – Sherry G. Lewes, DE, USA

Thanks again for creating such fantastic and absolutely AMAZING products that enable myself and others an opportunity to make a difference for the planet and in the health of ourselves and others!! Please keep up the fantastic work!! – Kimiko M. Laguna Beach, CA, USA

You have created really delicious products and what a beautiful thing you are doing for the earth & its people. I’m so happy to be a part of it. – Terri R. xx – a big fan Kiama, NSW

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Oral Care


My teeth look and feel really clean after the toothpaste! – Hayley M, Selby, VIC

I am very happy with the products I ordered. While you need a little while to adapt to the texture and taste of your toothpaste, it is fantastic. My teeth and gums look and feel amazing after just 5 minutes of use!! And your mouthwash is godlike!! I have been suffering from a blocked nasal problem for the last 4 years and all the doctors just said put up with it. After using your mouthwash just once, I can actually breathe through my nose again! I was shocked at how much muck came out my mouth after using your wash!! I am very happy at how wonderful a job it did!! After taking the time to research what most health and beauty care companies in Australia, USA and England sell…. I simply can’t understand why it is legal! Thank you. – Nathan P. Adelaide, SA

I just wanted to let you know how IMPRESSED I am with your toothpaste! First, it is extremely affordable as I have spent twice that for a tube of toothpaste half the size that claimed to whiten my teeth in two short weeks. I have only used your toothpaste for 3 days now, twice a day, and already a chronic stained spot on my front tooth is gone! I chipped my tooth as a kid some 25 years ago and the clear enamel is slowly eroding from the repair. Coffee and tea stains gather there and are very difficult to remove. Whitening strips have not even worked. Only previously was I able to achieve the same results of your toothpaste by applying an abrasive mixture of baking soda and peroxide for a week straight! Some of the ingredients in my expensive ‘Whitening Toothpaste’ as follows… Sodium fluoride, PEG, PPG, silica, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, tetrasodium pyrophophate… What a wonderful change it is to be able not only to pronounce all the ingredients in your toothpaste but to know that they aren’t harmful!! Thank you! From me and my fiancé who is allergic to mint flavours and just loves the lemon!! – Candy L

My Aunt who is currently under going chemotherapy for breast cancer wanted me to forward an email to say thankyou for your wonderful toothpastes…”My mouth had been terribly ulcerated since beginning treatment and the oncologists told me that all I was allowed to use was salted water or bi-carb soda to rinse my mouth. My neice gave me a mint toothpaste and now I am spreading the word to all of the other ladies in the hospital under going chemo due to the fantastic results that I had received in a few days. A little comfort for people who really need it. I am now on my third tube. So thankyou. – Erica H. West Perth, WA.

Freshening Mouthwash

I purchased your mouthwash, which I liked, and it appeared to help my bleeding-gum problem, it was also refreshing. – Laurel L, Keysborough VIC

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Personal Care

Body Cream

My teeth feel really clean after brushing with the toothpastes, completely free of ‘fur.’ We live in a very polluted and dry environment and climate, and the skin on my legs is very dry and &’scaly’. After the first application of Miessence Intensive Body Cream, my legs stayed smooth and silky-soft all day, even though I was wearing slacks. Previously I would put lashings of body creams and lotions on my legs but they still remained dry (I also was not aware of all the toxins I was massaging into my skin, and ultimately into my system).. I am very thrilled with your Miessence Intensive Body Cream. – Marjorie C. Gauteng, South Africa

Body Wash

We all love the Sunflower Bodywash and the deodorant doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Congratulations! – Michelle M, Box Hill, VIC

My beautiful five-month-old niece has suffered from eczema since birth; my sister-in-law has had her back and forth to doctors and chemists. I am very proud to say that after using Sunflower Bodywash her eczema is completely gone… and no sign of return. – Tracey D, Caloundra QLD

I am 28 years old and have suffered eczema all of my life. Like any other person suffering from this skin condition I have spent my life time looking for the one product that could bring some relief to the constant dry sore itchy skin. I believe that not only have I found that product but I am a firm believer that I have found my cure. No longer do I have the weeping sores and that awful urge to itch. I now have the ability to wash myself with a soap that does not require me to cover my self with steroid cream after every shower. Thank you for giving me back my confidence and the ability to walk down the street without people staring at my arms and face that are now smoother and cleaner than ever. – Renee F Girrawheen, WA

I purchased some of the Sunflower body wash and moisturiser for a young child I care for as she had an area of eczema on her face which did not respond to what her parents were using. Within one week it was nearly entirely cleared up, everyone is very impressed. I think they will become customers. The mother raves about the product! – Esther G. Wilberforce, NSW

Products are great! Love the Body Wash. So does my son. Mine disappeared!! Have used the products for 12 months and can’t fault them. Everyone needs the probiotic. – Margaret T. New Zealand

The eczema sufferers of the world owe you a big hug. My son Jontae who is now 14 months old has just about overcome the debilitating condition due to the products you have produced. The Rose Geranium Soap, Sunflower Body Wash and Rose Monsoon plus the In-Liven Probiotic have been the answer to our prayers. It’s not until now that our little man has finally been able to start enjoying his life. So thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for your passion and your products. And from Jontae a big hug and kiss. – Erica, Philip and Jontae H. West Perth, WA

Hand Soap

I am enjoying the hand soap very much. It is the best I’ve ever used because it is so moisturizing. When I combine it with the Intensive Body Cream, it makes my hands feel like silk! – Bonny B. Canada

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the hand soap… I am a home health nurse and I am constantly washing my hands and most soap is very irritating to my skin after frequent washing. I am very pleased with the hand soap you have created and I plan to carry it with me out in the field. It smells like fresh cut lemons and feels so silky. The intensive body lotion is also fabulous on my skin. It feels like I am completely wrapped in nature after applying it to my entire body. I love it… Thank you so much – Shelli S Ft. Mitchell KY

The family have all been using the liquid hand soap and we all like it. I have noticed that normally if when I use a liquid hand soap, my hands always feel dry afterwards. However with the Miessence Liquid soap by hands feel smooth and moisturised. – Rivka F. East Hawthorn, VIC

Wow, I never thought I’d find myself raving about a hand soap but the new liquid hand soap is just divine. I can’t believe it leaves my hands feeling as though I’ve just used a moisturizer. I’ve always been a bit lazy when it comes to remembering to use a hand cream and now I don’t have to worry as the dryness has just disappeared! Well done Miessence on another superb product. This is going make a wonderful present come Christmas time. – Michaele H. Melbourne

Roll-on Deodorant

I have used Miessence aroma free deodorant for the past 8 months. It is the best deodorant I have used for several reasons: no residue left on clothes, aroma free including on clothes, long-lasting protection, and economical – despite 8 months use, I still have almost half a bottle left of 70ml. I would certainly buy this product again and recommend it highly. – Sandy Eugene, Oregon

I really appreciate finding a deodorant made with all-natural products, is scent-free, and works! Everything I need for a really reasonable price. I’m going to recommend you to all my friends! – Tracy B Eugene, Oregon USA

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Skin Care

Ambrosia Essence

In October the top left side of my body …was burnt to the third degree…from an accident in the kitchen…I was in hospital for 5 weeks…When I got out of hospital the skin graft was a deep purple colour. I wore a pressure garment for 3 months to help flatten the scarring, but little change occurred. A friend told me about Ambrosia Essence…I applied it twice a day and well…. the results were amazing. The appearance of my skin graft is now light pink which is almost my skin tone… the appearance of my graft is 100 times better than it was when I got out of hospital. My consultant was so shocked when he last saw me for review as the appearance of my graft was so much lighter and better looking. I told him about the product I was using and he said to continue using it. He said the state of my graft is usually the state after a year and this was 6 months after my operation… I am sure and confident it will continue to heal more thanks to Ambrosia Essence… With Much Love and Gratitude… – Anna L. UK

I had a lady visit us at an expo with an interest in In-Liven, she bought it after telling us about her chemo therapy for cancer. I asked her to place a drop of Ambrosia Essence on her face where she had 3 red and irritated spots to calm it. A week later my downline visited her to book a Home Shopping Presentation. She couldn’t believe her face didn’t show any sign of the terrible sores we saw a week earlier. Such powerful healing properties in a tiny bottle. My daughter’s alpaca injury to her face has such a very fine flat scar that is diminishing daily by using it as you suggested. – Teal, Robertson, NSW

Blemish Gel

I have found this product to give INSTANT relief from the stinging and itching of mosquito bites. – Chris W, Carindale, QLD

I am a big fan of the blemish gel. Did you see the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where she solves everything with Windex? I use the blemish gel! I have my whole family using it; mum uses it on the dog’s rash even. Works a treat! Kate G. Lower Beechmont

I live in a leech infested climate and yet again had a baby one in my shoe just before jumping into my limousine. I was so annoyed as they are very itchy, so I remembered the Blemish Gel out of desperation because I had 4-5 hours driving ahead of me and couldn’t be driving and scratching my foot. Ta Da! No itch until I came home 7 hours later, I have just lathered it again with the gel. Certainly made a difference to the discomfort I usually endure. – Teal, Robertson, NSW

I need to let you know what a wonderful products miessence have!! My absolute favourite would have to be the very inappropriately names “Spot Check Gel”, it should be called “MIRACLE GEL”, or at least something magical. Whenever a spot appears, it gets zapped with the gel and within 12 hours its either gone or barely visible! I also have my teenage son and pre-teen daughter using it whenever they have a blemish and they think it’s great too. This amazing product should be made available to all teenagers, to help them get through the difficult years without major outbreaks. Thanks for introducing me to my little “MIRACLE”! – Lisa C. Burleigh Heads, QLD

Thank you for the ‘blemish gel’!!! What a product!!! It has given my little boy such relief from the few mozzie bites he has received (when we have forgotten to use the buzz free). I had several bites within a small area – not only did the blemish gel relieve the itch, the bites had all but disappeared within a week. Yesterday, I woke to find one of those large and unpleasant once-a-month blemishes in the middle of my cheek. Today it is barely visible thanks to the blemish gel. WOW! My husband had received some kind of bite on his lower jaw which resulted in redness and swelling of his face – guess what? Two days later, the blemish is gone. Thanks guys!!! Summer has been a lot more pleasant because of blemish gel. -Suzana D. Sunbury, VIC


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the products! Maybe I am crazy but I felt immediately more radiant after the whole cleaning, exfoliating, mask process! I especially love the shampoo – I am neurotic with taking showers, partly because my hair tends to get oily often. I showered with the lemon myrtle shampoo and WHAT A DIFFERENCE – my hair is not oily at all! – Suzanne B Georgia

Rejuvenating Cleanser – Excellent Product – as good if not better than any of the expensive commercial brands. Sigrid D, Upper Brookfield, QLD

Eye & Neck Serum

I have been searching the market for a while for an eye cream knowing that most do nothing but empty your purse, when a girlfriend told me about Miessence and asked me to come over and have a look at the products. I was convinced as soon as they said ‘no chemicals’ in these products. I bought the eye and neck serum and the day I used it my friends could already see an improvement, I was impressed! I’m now a Representative for the company and use all the products with satisfaction knowing I’m feeding my skin with goodness. Thankyou! – Andrea P. Holden Hill SA

I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the Uplift Eye and Neck Serum. I’ve had a very crêpey neck for years and since using the cream have noticed a remarkable improvement. A male friend actually noticed first and then I realized how dramatic the change was. As a beautician I’ve always rubbed creams into my neck and this is the first time the elasticity has improved so thank you… just love the product and feels great to sell something to someone you totally believe in! – Jan W Suffolk Park, NSW

Deeper wrinkles around my eyes are now much finer after using the eye cream. – Michelle M, Box Hill, VIC

…another client using the eye and neck serum and loving it. Has had nice results and received comments from friends. Shauna K. Currumbin Valley, QLD


After only a little more than a month of using the Miessence organics products I can hardly believe the difference in my skin! It looks and feels better, with a clean feeling like I’ve never experienced before. My pores appear smaller, and the Garnet Exfoliant has just about completely gotten rid of the bumps in my skin by opening the clogged pores. Even the cosmetics have a light, clean feeling. Great products! Well worth what I paid for them. They are not an extravagance, they are a necessity! – Sam Brookfield, Wi USA

The Garnet Exfoliant is great! It is the first facial scrub I have used that doesn’t leave my face feeling taut and dry. – Kim H. Brighton, VIC


My skin irritations have calmed right down, and my skin looks and feels properly hydrated and smooth. This is a relief considering all the difficulties I’ve had with my skin and finding suitable products. – Caroline T. Kew VIC

I found your products to be beautiful and extremely beneficial. Basically they’re GREAT!!!!!!I I live in the city, so I am surrounded by pollution and it was so satisfying to know at the end of the day I can be using something that heals the damage I have done throughout the day. – Jessica H, North Sydney, NSW

I was using another brand of skincare, but my skin was dehydrated and red (a real embarrassment.) I am very pleased to say I had positive results in just three days. Thank you for helping my self image and skin. – Simone T, Cleveland, QLD

After only six weeks of using Miessence products I am seeing a marked reduction in the sebaceous cysts and puffiness under my eye. I have had both problems for many years and was told I would need plastic surgery to correct them. – Michelle M, Box Hill VIC.

My skin has really improved, I have noticed the pores are reducing and my skin tone is much more even and looks healthier! – Michelle C, Oakey QLD

My skin looks and feels better already and has a lovely glow after each use. I also enjoy the simple routine. – Martina V, Bulli, NSW

It’s sensational. My skin has never felt so good in all these years; it looks so healthy and glowing after only two days! I am so excited about the products and will tell all my friends and family. – Yvonne M, Clarkeson, WA

A mother I know, after receiving a Miessence facial, came out and embraced her little two-year- old daughter. The little girl beamed up at her and patted her face admiringly and said “ah ah ah…,” without anything having been mentioned to her. To me that is one of the most significant confirmations of perceptible positive energy in your products. – Astrid A. Waipawa, North Island, New Zealand

I am just soooo impressed with the Skin Care line….totally! This is the best product I have ever used. This is no exaggeration. I have used many different skin care lines over the years – of various different qualities and prices…..but these ONE Group products surpasses in quality to all of them. I suppose it’s because they are completely organic, but I found that after the cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing that there was NO residue oils left over on the skin. It seemed to me that whatever I put on my face was indeed absorbed by the skin. What was left afterwards was a very smooth, velvety feeling on the skin. As well, I had some small reddish discolorations that I just attributed to age and after the first usage of this stuff the redness was reduced by 1/2 …. by this morning those spots are barely noticeable. I am just sooo impressed by this quality. Truly. – Caroline L. Surrey, BC

I have been using the Soothing range, mask & exfoliant for a relatively short time. I recently saw my mum after 6 years, and she can’t believe my skin!` She says I still “look 25!” She has started using Miessence – the positive results were immediate and she says she doesn’t wake up feeling tight- faced anymore. I saw my herbalist last week and she is amazed at how healthy & strong I am. I’ve been taking In-liven for 1 1/2 months. They are now looking at stocking it! – Sharon H Burleigh Heads, QLD

I have only just started using the Balancing range and already noticed improvements. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven with every single product, as they all smell so heavenly wonderful. Every one of the Miessence products I’ve tried (deodorant, powder, body wash) all smell so different and uniquely beautiful. I just can’t wait to get more of the range! My Mum is now addicted as well!! Thanks for such fantastic products. – Michelle W. Green Island, NZ

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Soothing range for two weeks and it’s wonderful. My rash has gone and my skin has its glow back. The Soothing products smell like strange herbal medicine but they feel absolutely amazing. -Jasmine H. ACT, Australia

I received my product and I have been using it for a couple of days now. I have decided that you are a genius beyond measure in the development of this skin care line!! It is fantastic! Thank you so much for these products. The exciting thing is that I did not have any sensitivity to any of them. In fact, the cleanser smells so good I think I would like to eat it! – Dr. Cynthia O. San Marcos, CA, USA

My sister regularly visits her beautician who is always commenting on how dehydrated her skin is. She’s been using the Miessence range for around 6 months now. On her last visit the beautician was amazed at how good her skin is looking, and it’s no longer dehydrated. You may be hearing from a beautician on the sunshine coast soon looking for stock! – Jan W. Suffolk Park, NSW

I have been using the ONE group products for just over a month now. My skin looks amazing and feels very soft. I am delighted to have discovered this incredible company. Thank you for creating a fantastic line of products that feed the skin! I am disgusted to learn about all the toxins in products I have been using. – Cathy N. Ontario


My products arrived this morning, and I had to try them out. How good is the moisturiser?!! It smells sooo good too!! I’m sending my sister some today and I know she is going to love it!!! Thanks sooooooo much for introducing me to these products!!!! I wish others could see past the ads and claims of the cosmetic companies out there and try these. I know what my friends will now be getting for xmas and birthdays!! – Janette P. Diddillibah, QLD 

My skin took a dramatic shift once I started using the products. It went from bumpy and uneven to smooth and glowing. I look forward to washing my face, moisturizing and replenishing because the benefits are so encouraging. We (me and my skin) are in love! – Amy Los Angeles, CA, USA

We have a client who has been experiencing rashes with painful skin breaks and since using the Soothing Moisturiser these have now healed over and are hardly noticeable – delighted! – Shauna K, Currumbin Valley, QLD

The moisturiser and Rejuvenessence Serum have made a huge difference. Even the ‘age’ spots have started to lighten and fade. – Margaret T, Ashbury, NSW

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