Flexible Opportunity


The World’s FIRST Organic MLM Opportunity

Do you have a passion for people and the environment?

Does helping to reduce the toxic load on our planet, while creating an
income for yourself, sound like the business you have been searching for?

Then you have just found yourself a unique business opportunity in
a booming, ethical industry.

You can become part of the $50 BILLION Organics market that
is growing at a staggering 23% per annum, with a company that is
expanding internationally.

The ethical home business opportunity behind Miessence and ONE Group is as unique and remarkable as our certified organic products themselves.

Becoming a representative offers you choice and flexibility. The choice to build a business that is a reflection and extension of your interest, passion, time and goals. All the while we will support you with full training and resources, including a duplicatable web site, training manuals and promotional material.

Ethical & Supportive Culture

At the core of ONE Group lies our commitment to the environment and health. Our certified organic products are not only a guarantee of purity, they are a commitment to sustainable agricultural practice and building a future for our children. This culture of passion and ethics is reflected by the way we do business. Our business model offers flexible and creative MLM or network marketing options.

At it’s worst network marketing is about “starting with 100 friends then ending up with 99 ex-friends and one representative”. We work with you to avoid this by NOT TRYING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE, but finding ways to get these products and the opportunity to people WHO ARE LOOKING for what you have.

In that sense our job is to help representatives become educators and supporters of the organic movement. Rather than “sales people” our reps are simply getting information out to people and helping the growing numbers of those who are interested to get healthy and eco friendly products of the highest quality and where appropriate an ethical home business opportunity.

Your Business Plan for a Sustainable Organic Business

Upon joining you will have the professional support and training in designing and implementing a business plan that suits you. Some of the things we will consider in establishing this are:

  • your time budget: commit from 5 hours/ week to a full time working week
  • your financial budget: spend as little as $80/ month
  • your situation: your networks, skills and existing commitments
  • your goals: what do you want to get from this opportunity? This might be as modest as wanting your personal products for free right up to earning US$100,000/ year. Either option is achievable depending on your commitment and the time you give it.

Bring beautiful organic and wholesome products into YOUR life and YOUR customers while making an ethical income doing what you believe in.

One of the benefits of our Organic LifeStyle Opportunity is the range of flexible options available. Should you choose to join as a representative our successful and friendly team will work with you to choose appropriate strategies that suit your lifestyle, experience and goals.

A Thriving MLM Enterprise

The Organic an Natural Enterprise – Compensation/Marketing Plan has been designed to incorporate the very best elements of marketing and distribution, combining all forms of direct sales including home presentations, retail, party plan and online.

Network Marketing

The foundation of Organic Natural Enterprise can be found in the Network/MLM model, which allows people the best opportunity to create wealth with their time and effort involving very little financial outlay, so therefore little or no risk.

Typically, Representatives who embrace the Network Marketing paradigm use many methods to promote the products and the business opportunity from Party Plan presentations to public meetings, to educate unaware people to the long term dangers of exposure to synthetic chemicals, through to business opportunity meetings which make clear the enormous growth the Organic Industry is achieving and how entrepreneurial distributors can capitalize on the rapid growth over the next 5 – 10 years.

Your Strategies

From your business plan we will work with you to establish strategies to help build your business. This might include a MAXIMUM OF THREE of the following options. We help you to choose options that sit naturally with who you are and what you are most likely to be able to sustain overtime.


Rather than ringing up people and trying to sell them something, we foster skills in connecting, listening and asking questions.  Our approach is based on being of service and assisting the other person in uncovering their own need for what we have or otherwise.


You can purchase our Organic & Natural Living Newspapers at cost price, they explain the benefits of our products but beyond that discuss issues such as: “how to become an ingredient detective”, “the impact of synthetic chemicals on our environment”, “breast cancer and toxins” etc..  They are both educational and empowering.

In addition our team members have exclusive access to business size adverts, noticeboard flyers and other promotional material that you can leave in your area. Whether it be coffee shops, organic shops or yoga centers… this inexpensive strategy can get interested people calling you.


We can help you organize public talks in your city. Have them advertised using downloadable posters from our members section. Historically 20% of the people who attend these talks have become representatives and it’s not unusual that a further 30% of attendees become Preferred Customers. For this strategy to be successful you need to have people attend the meeting and you need to follow up with those who participated. We can provide you with a powerpoint presentation and work with you on how to present it most effectively.


We have developed a range of posters and leaflets from our members section to photocopy and distribute in your area. In addition both the company and our team have templates for advertising. Our team also offers a number of advertising coops where you can share the cost(and gains) of an advert campaign.


A great opportunity to talk to a range of people. We have had considerable experience with this strategy and have developed written guides to get the most out of a stall or expo. If the right event is chosen it presents the opportunity to talk to thousands of potentially interested people.

6. THE WEB –

Build your business online, through email and online advertising. We can work with you to get the most out of your free ecommerce and business building sites that you receive when you join as a rep. Team members have access to our web marketing documents and complete step by step guide how to do this.


This can generate a significant cash flow on the night and will potentially provide you with both regular customers and new representatives. We have created a unique host incentive system and gifts to make it easy to book new parties. Guests can also receive up to 20% discount on their orders which will be delivered free of charge worldwide if their order exceeds $100.

Please don’t leave it here… contact us to discuss how this opportunity can best work for you.