Miessence Organic Skin Care: Exfoliants

Exfoliating the skin is important to prevent a build-up of dead skin cells causes a rough and dull appearance. Exfoliating the top layer of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful, glowing skin.

Our skin usually generates a new layer every two to four weeks. At the end of the cycle, the old, dead skin cells on the surface are shed. You can improve your complexion tremendously by exfoliating and removing the old, dead skin cells. If they are not removed, they can clog the sebaceous pores, leading to superficial spots, blackheads and a dull complexion.

Miessence products are designed for the four different skin profiles. You will find that one of these skin profiles matches you the most, however as they only contain pure ingredients you  may find you can also mix-and-match different products from the different profiles to perfectly suit your skin.

  • Balancing (Normal/Combination Skin Profile)
  • Purifying (Oily/Problem Skin Profile)
  • Soothing (Sensitive Skin Profile)
  • Rejuvenating (Dry/Mature Skin Profile)

See Miessence Skin Profiles for more information.


25 applications @ 1 teaspoon per application

Garnet Exfoliant

Garnet Exfoliant

The best scrub ever, with a fresh citrus blend of organic lemon, bergamot and orange.  Polished alluvial garnet works effectively to clear congestion resulting from a build-up of dead, dry surface skin cells.

A build up of dead skin cells causes a rough and dull appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful, glowing skin.


Gentle Exfoliant

Gentle Exfoliant

Natural jojoba beads safely and gently removes dead, dry surface skin cells, promoting a renewed and glowing skin. Contains organic lavender to calm and soothe the senses.

A build up of dead skin cells causes a rough and dull appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful, glowing skin.



After only a little more than a month of using the Miessence organics products I can hardly believe
the difference in my skin! It looks and feels better, with a clean feeling like I’ve never experienced
before. My pores appear smaller, and the Garnet Exfoliant has just about completely gotten rid of
the bumps in my skin by opening the clogged pores. Even the cosmetics have a light, clean feeling.
Great products! Well worth what I paid for them. They are not an extravagance, they are a
necessity!  – Sam Brookfield, Wi USA

The Garnet Exfoliant is great! It is the first facial scrub I have used that doesn’t leave my face
feeling taut and dry.  – Kim H. Brighton, Victoria Australia

You have to try this product. It is incredible. For my skin (dry/mature) only use once a week. I just love it. You only live once, is your choice to choose how you want to live. Live Green is the best way to live. – Shea N.

About Miessence…

The world’s first skin care range certified organic to food standards by an independent third-party.

The Miessence product range bears the seal of approval by Australia’s leading certifying body, the Australian Certified Organic (ACO).  The ACO sets and maintains stringent quality standards that are internationally recognized.

100% beneficial ingredients
Only certified organic cold-pressed oils, herb and flower extracts and essential oils are used.  Miessence products contain ACTIVE levels of botanical ingredients.

Cold Formulation – Only cold formulation offers superior quality active ingredients, unaltered by heat and synthetic emulsifiers. Only cold formulation provides your skin significant quantities of bio-available nutrients that literally feed your skin.  These precious certified organic plant oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, and essential oils are not subjected to any heat during formulation.

Made Fresh – Shipped Fresh
All products are shipped as soon as possible after manufacture, fresh from the factory.  This ensures their freshness and potency. It is recommended you use them within 18 months to get the full benefit of freshly pressed organic oils and extracts, though they will last longer than this.