Natural Deodorants

Miessence Organic Body/Oral Care: Natural Deodorants

Stay naturally fresh all day with Miessence Roll-on Deodorants. An effective formula, even for the most active people. Summer Rayne Oakes author, Style, Naturally, The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty says about Miessence Tahitian Breeze Deodorant: “this is a great product that truly lasts for the whole day.”All Miessence Deodorants are Aluminum, paraben & chemical-free.

Natural Deodorants

Tahitian Breeze Deodorant

Tahitian Breeze Deodorant

A warm and balmy blend of intense floral and citrus aromas. Stay naturally fresh all day with Tahitian Breeze Roll-on Deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active person.

The Best Deodorant!

I had almost given up on natural deodorant until I tried Miessence. Goes on wet, so you have to let it dry for about 30 seconds before getting dressed, but after that, I never once felt sticky, smelly or wet. Great scent too (I tried Tahitian Breeze) that is very mild and not perfumy or overpowering. I’m so happy to have found this brand! All their products are wonderful. – Cinci


Ancient Spice Deodorant

Ancient Spice Deodorant

Lightly scented with a rich and vibrant arrangement of ancient oils and spices. Great for blokes too!  Stay naturally fresh all day with Ancient Spice Roll-on Deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active people. No aluminum compounds or chemical antiperspirants. Based on the traditional remedies of bicarbonate of soda to eliminate odors and aloe vera to soothe.


Aroma Free Doedorant

Aroma Free Deodorant

No essential oils for those who prefer aroma-free protection.  Stay naturally fresh all day with Aroma Free roll-on deodorant. An effective formula, even for the most active person. No aluminum compounds or chemical antiperspirants. Based on the traditional remedies of bicarbonate of soda to eliminate odours and aloe vera to soothe.



Best Natural Deodorant Ever

This is probably the only natural deodorant that really works.  It comes in three scents, Ancient Spice, Tahitian Breeze and Aroma Free. The Ancient Spice (more masculine) and Tahitian Breeze (more  feminine) are a bit herbal smelling at first, but the aroma doesn’t linger.  Aroma Free is just as effective, without any scent.  I have tried just about every natural deodorant on the market (even some you’ve never heard of), and this is the only one that is at all effective, and it has a great safety rating on EWG Cosmetics Safety Database. – HB

Excellent Deodorant

I have used Miessence aroma free deodorant for the past 8 months. It is the best deodorant I have used for several reasons: no residue left on clothes, aroma free including on clothes, long-lasting
protection, and economical – despite 8 months use, I still have almost half a bottle left of 70ml. I
would certainly buy this product again and recommend it highly. – Sandy Eugene, Oregon

It works!

I finally found the deodorant I’ve been looking for — one that works all day, is safe, and is aluminum-free. I bought the Tahitian Breeze scent, and it’s quite pleasant — more woodsy-smelling than citrus-y, but I like it. And the scent dissipates quickly, so you don’t smell it all day (unless you stick your nose in your armpit and inhale). Regular deodorants give me a headache if I can smell them still at lunchtime! I’ve had only to apply it once in the morning; it dries quickly and I’m comfortable all day long. – Katie H.

The Miessence Aluminum Free Roll-on Deodorant ingredients are certified organic to international food grade standards by three independent third parties, Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) and United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA).

Using certified organic ingredients rather than just using natural ingredients provides the highest guarantee of organic purity. Click here for Miessence certified organic documentation by ACO, BFA and USDA.

No G.M.O, No Pesticides, No Animal Testing

Miessence Aluminum Free Roll-on Deodorant gives you the security of knowing that these products are free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, genetically modified organisms and use no animal testing whatsoever. This is guaranteed through the A.C.O certification program, they would not certify this product organic otherwise.

Cold Formulation

Miessence uses fresh ingredients in a bio-active cold formulation. This means that the natural ingredients are not affected by heat in any way during the manufacturing process, thereby retaining the ingredient purity strength and healing qualities intact. For you this means a much higher quality natural product.

No Synthetic Chemicals

A result of being ACO and USDA certified simultaneously eliminates all toxic parameters possible. Miessence Aluminum Free deodorant contains no cancer causing chemicals, no reproductive toxins, no safety violations, no allergens and no hair irritants. There are no synthetic chemicals of any kind in their products.

About Miessence…

The world’s first skin care range certified organic to food standards by an independent third-party.

The Miessence product range bears the seal of approval by Australia’s leading certifying body, the Australian Certified Organic (ACO).  The ACO sets and maintains stringent quality standards that are internationally recognized.

100% beneficial ingredients
Only certified organic cold-pressed oils, herb and flower extracts and essential oils are used.  Miessence products contain ACTIVE levels of botanical ingredients.

Cold Formulation – Only cold formulation offers superior quality active ingredients, unaltered by heat and synthetic emulsifiers. Only cold formulation provides your skin significant quantities of bio-available nutrients that literally feed your skin.  These precious certified organic plant oils, herbal extracts, vitamins, and essential oils are not subjected to any heat during formulation.

Made Fresh – Shipped Fresh
All products are shipped as soon as possible after manufacture, fresh from the factory.  This ensures their freshness and potency. It is recommended you use them within 18 months to get the full benefit of freshly pressed organic oils and extracts, though they will last longer than this.