Giving Back

To The Environment:

  • by producing certified organic products, we promote healthy, organic farming & safeguard the earth from an unnecessary burden of toxic chemicals
  • through the tree-planting projects we support in order to remain carbon-neutral, we’ll benefit generations for years to come
  • by our educating & information-sharing, we help protect the environment as more and more people learn about the dangers of synthetic chemicals in so many manufacturers’ products & refuse to buy them any more
  • in all these ways we both model & inspire change

The David Suzuki Foundation

We’re proud to support the David Suzuki Foundation. In fact, $5 out of every ONE Group Independent Representative registration fee goes to the David Suzuki Foundation to support their work in preserving our environment.

Why do we do this? As Dr. Suzuki puts it, “Nature is our home. Just as we take care of our house, we must also take care of nature. But nature takes care of us too. Nature cleans our air and water, makes the soil that grows our food and provides the resources to make all our material goods. Unfortunately, with 6 billion of us now living under one roof, we’re gradually eroding the services nature provides—even as we depend on them for our quality of life and our future.”

Since 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation has worked to find ways for society to live in balance with the natural world that sustains us. It does this through 4 key programs:

  • oceans and sustainable fishing
  • forests and wild lands
  • climate change and clean energy
  • the web of life

The Foundation also uses science & education to promote solutions that help conserve nature & our quality of life, now & for the future. With a goal of achieving sustainability within a generation, the Foundation works with scientists, business, industry & educators, government & non-governmental organizations to seek creative solutions that help build clean, competitive economies—economies that don’t threaten the natural services that support all life.

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Dr. Suzuki’s Nature Challenge

The question people ask Dr. Suzuki most often is “What can I do to protect nature?” Here’s his answer, based on the Foundation’s research into the 10 most effective ways to help conserve nature and improve our quality of life:

1.  Reduce home energy use by 10%
2.  Choose an energy-efficient home & appliances
3.  Don’t use pesticides
4.  Eat meat-free meals 1 day a week
5.  Buy locally grown & produced food
6.  Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle
7.  Walk, bike, carpool or take transit
8.  Choose a home close to work or school
9.  Support alternative transportation
10. Learn more & share with others

The challenge is to pick at least 3 ways & follow through. It’s an easy & effective way to make a difference. We depend on nature to clean our air & water, and keep our climate stable. But human activities take a huge toll on the environment. Making some simple changes to our everyday lives will help create a better world for our children & for their children too. To view Dr. Suzuki’s interactive presentation of these 10 ways, visit

In all it does, the David Suzuki Foundation promotes the sustainable use of earth’s natural resources, which is why ONE Group supports the David Suzuki Foundation! For more information or to make a donation, visit

local non-profit organizations*

One simple way we support the schools & non-profit organizations so invaluable to building our communities is through our fundraising plan. Through this unique opportunity, schools, social, cultural & athletic clubs, churches & other religious groups, etc. can have their very own free fundraising website and earn up to 30% on all the miessence®, MiVitality® & MiEnviron® products ordered through their website. All orders are handled online, products are shipped direct to the persons ordering & shipping is free for orders over $100. This is our way of helping you support the worthy causes to which you belong. And as you do that, you’ll be helping your friends discover the benefits of using our certified organic products and helping us too!

* This plan is currently offered only in selected countries, with more countries to follow. Please contact us for more details.

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